This space is mine !

In this video Miss Italia 2009, Maria Perrusi, learns how to use space in acting. We CrazyWaiters can also use it by moving around and making use of objects while doing our work, acts or improvisation.

It’s funny to see at the end that Maria is using the whole space and sofa when she is calling to her mother instead of staying in one place.

The last sheet in English (with some comments taken from what is said)

  • Be the master of the space in which you are (understand from where you’re coming, where you are and where you go)
  • Being the master enables you to express yourself at the very best
  • For being the master you need to be at ease
  • Start being the master of the objects.  Start with taking the possession of them. (this sofa is mine!)
  • Once you are used to the space you can do what you wanted to do

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