Ready.. or not

Today I’m going to teach a very important lesson. As well for our beloved guests as for my collegues all over the world. How to indicate and see if the guest is ready or not (and want to take some more sidedishes or whatever).

This because I had some pissed of clients who almost scream:’I’m not finished yet’ (and almost slap your hand like teachers did 30 years ago) or complain about the slow service:’It took ages when you took my plate out’ while their fork and knives said otherwise. So print out and put it on the wall at the entrance!

P.S. It’s also possible that the guests puts his plate aside, which may be usual in the USA like this post says at point 2. That’s obvious ofcourse 🙂 Also a pile of plates indicates that somebody is doing something wrong. (and normally it’s not the guest)

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