I love my guests

Looking for a job? Time for an application letter!

Dear Sir,

I love my guests. I love white guests, black guests, yellow guests and even green guest although I’ve never seen them in the thirty years of hospitality. I love young guests, old guests and middle-aged guests. I love Dutch guests, Italian guests, Greek guests and all guests from the other 24 countries of the European Union, with a debt or not. I love guests who drink coffee (I know a lot about it), who drink tea and even drink jugs of water. Although I can’t stand drunk guests, I love them because I know that when they wake up, they will be as normal as we. I love guests with brown eyes, blue eyes and green eyes. All other color-eyed guests are welcome too. Nevertheless it’s good to mention that everybody not fit in one of these groups will be loved also by me, as long as they treat me as they want to be treated by me. Even if they don’t I love them.

When will your guests be my guests?

Yours sincerely,


Higly inspired by Letters of Note: I like words.

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