Kiva! Loans that change lifes

As person but also as the crazy waiter I love to add value in the life of others. At home to the friends around me, at my work for my guests and.. in the world for those who need it.

Kiva makes it possible for me to lend relative small amounts of money in developing countries. Although there are some exceptions, the focus in my portfolio are women (always the hardest for them to find money) in the restaurant business (what else?) in South America (because it’s in the developing phase where there’s place for the restaurants and cafés – not scientifically proved but a feeling). It really feels good do be able to help other people to fulfil their dream!

The numbers (listed on Wikipedia) are impressive: As of December 25, 2009, Kiva has distributed $110,671,610 in loans from 631,345 lenders. A total of 157,207 loans have been funded. The average loan size is $401.66. Its current repayment rate is 98.13%. (*).

My numbers are nothing related to the whole thing. But I hope it can add a little bit in the life of others! You can also change lifes!

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