Eye contact

As a good waiter, you don’t just greet the table, you greet each person by making eye contact with them

via Waiting on celebrities « So You Want To Be A Waiter.

I tend to forget that when I’m in the weeds, but this is essential for making everybody comfortable. Just like talking to and making jokes with everybody and not only to those (kids) who talk (a lot) at a table. Also because you want to break the negative spiral (the waiter doesn’t talk to me -> You see, I’m not worth it / my sister is more interesting -> I don’t talk to the waiter ) because you won’t the only one who tends to talk to the cute little sister instead of the big timid boy.

Thanks SYWTBAW for the reminder! (even thought the subject of his original posts is totally different… about celebs I will post later ;))

Foto by OrangeAcid used under CC2.0

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