Michel Teló – Ai Se Eu Te Pego

Tonight I saw this song of Michel Telo in the iTunes top 10 of the Netherlands. Very strange because we don’t listen that much to music other than English or Dutch. But it’s a very funny song with a little dance -even performed by soccer players), so a perfect CrazyWaiter-song! And the clip (eg. the public) isn’t a big task to watch at 1080px and fullscreen 🙂 (another performance can be found here). Translation after the clip.

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Laura Pausini – Benvenuto

Another CrazyWaiters trick. The easiest way to make feel guests feel at home is just saying ‘Welcome’. Last year I stayed in four hotels during my holiday of which only one receptionist said this magic word when we were arriving. It was no coincidence that this hotel was the best one of the trip.

Laura Pausini, one of my favorite singers,  has this word in Italian as title of her new song. Translation here

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Bob Sinclar & Raffaella Carrà – Far l’Amore

This might be the European summerhit of 2011. An old Italian song sung by Raffaella Carrà has been remixed by Bob Sinclar, a French DJ. The beautiful lady in the taxi is Caterina Murino, an Italian actress from Sardinia. They are talking about Gold, a restaurant of fashiondesigners Dolce & Gabana who also make a candid appearance in the video. Apparently it’s a good restaurant, so another reason to go back to Milan quickly. (here is the translation and original song)

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Las Ketchup – Asereje

The new season starts and that means a bunch of new collegues from all over Europe (around 3000 this summer!) One of them is Pedro from Spain. Another camerero loco ! (maybe even more loco than me :)) Specially dedicated to him this song from 2002.

The song tells the story of a pimp-like “afro-gipsy, rastafari” character named Diego who walks into a crowded nightclub at midnight, and the DJ, as he sees Diego walk in, plays the “twelve-o’clock anthem”, “the song he desires most”, which happens to be the 1979 rap hit “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugarhill Gang. The first verse of Rapper’s Delight: “I say the hip hop, the hippie…”, pronounced phonetically in Spanish the way it would sound to someone who does not understand English, becomes the chorus of The Ketchup Song. Although technically meaningless and sometimes referred to as gibberish, the chorus is a more-or-less phonetic pronunciation of the first verse almost in its entirety.

I said a hip hop, the hippie, the hippie
Aserejé ja de jé de jebe
do the hip hip hop, a you don’t stop
tu de jebere sebiunouva
the rockin’ to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie
majabi an de bugui
to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat
an de buididipí

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Lucia Perez – Que Me Quiten Lo Bailao

Que me quiten lo bailao (literally May they take away from me what I’ve danced, a colloquialism that means They can’t take the fun away from me or Enjoy life as much as you can (*)) is the Spanish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in DüsseldorfGermany, performed by Lucía Pérez. (*) Besides beautiful, she’s also very cute as you can see on her Youtube_channel! 🙂

It’s a funny song which I will sing a lot for my little Spanish guests! (and in this video the danceroutine / choreography is explained, from 1:20)

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Can’t take my eyes off the Girls of Milan and Paris

Of course it’s a good CrazyWaitersong. Of course Paris and Milan are fabulous cities (anyone looking for a cameriere pazzo in Milan?) But are that the reasons that I put this video here ?

See the video (with all the model names/credits) on http://models.com

Waitresses (and men-interested waiters ;)), don’t be sad… director Justin Wu has made videos like these also with boys, more boys and boys and girls in NY.

A namelist of the models with timeframes can be found (and corrected) here

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Stand By Me

Another classic in the collective memory, Stand By Me originally performed by Ben E. King. Great song to hum or sing. This version is very special because it has been sung and played by people all over the world!

Playing for Change is a multimedia music project that seeks to bring together musicians from around the world. Playing For Change also created a separate non-profit organization called the Playing For Change Foundation which builds music schools for children around the world. (*)

http://playingforchange.com – From the award-winning documentary, “Playing For Change: Peace Through Music”.

Order the CD/DVD Playing For Change “Songs Around The World” now at amazon.com!

Somewhere over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole

This song was played as an openingsdance on a wedding where I served long time ago. It was a wedding of a son of a banker with an atmosfere which made me think of the one in the film Festen. It’s a very sweet song and I was directly flabergasted when I heard it for the first time.

I don’t know why it’s a hit now in iTunes France after seven years (I think it “flew over” from Germany and Austria), but it’s a good reason to post here, because it’s a great melody to hum or sing for your (little) guests full of hope.

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