Creating memories

Commodities are fungible, goods tangible, services intangible, and experiences are memorable

The main principle is that experiences are personal and individualized

This quote from The Experience Economy gives exact what it’s all about! We as crazy waiters want to give the client something they remember by doing that what the table wants (or doesn’t want). Of course it’s not about us but we definitely make part of it.

I serve a lot of young families. One I realized that life, time and statistics will do there work. In ten years 30% of the parents may be divorced. 10% of the families have to deal with serious illnesses. Every family will have his problems and cicatrices. But hopefully that unforgettable holiday will always be remembered with those amazing evenings in the hotelrestaurant. We are part of it. And we can make it or break it!

The article is a must-read! (via in Dutch).

Photo: A Smile With Every Meal by Andrew Stawarz / CC BY-ND 2.0

The secret pleasure of Four Seasons

Every waiter knows the secret pleasure of a waiter: hearing something that is not meant for you and taking action on it. Once on a hot day I heard a guest on 3 meters distant saying to a friend “Oh, I would die for a glass of water'”. Several seconds later I stood there with it. The water had cost € 1,50 but her face expression was priceless! (and of course you pretend not to see that reaction;))

Four Seasons, a hotel chain with luxury hotels (in Paris they have the fabulous George V) is also listening to her guests even while they’re not really talking to them. On TwitterA guy complained that the music in his room was very dull. I’m sure his face would be priceless when he came back to his room where the housekeeping left a bottle of wine and a kind letter with a list of all the radiostations attached.

Keep the secret pleasure alive! (and enjoy it….)