Magical Moments

Today it’s the start of a new season at my workplace: The Magical Moments Festival!

There are a lot of these for our guests, but they also give Magical Moments to us. I made a new category for it, besides the already existing Favorite posts. But one of my favorite moment ever hasn’t been described until now

It was my birthday in 2007.  A little English girl at table 406 proves that the best presents aren’t tangible. She’s sitting less than a second at table and is already asking a signature from me.  It happens that I give one at the end of the dinner, but never that fast at the beginning. A bit astonished I say very humble:”But I’m not important“. Her answer is very prompt:”But everybody is important” and gives these words meaning by giving a big hug! Maybe one of the best birthday presents ever !

I had a dream… speaking 6 languages

When I came to my current workplace almost five years ago, I saw several maps in different languages. “What would it be cool to be able to understand and speak them all”, I thought- and wished by myself. I started with Dutch (mother tongue), English and a very basic knowledge of French and German.

Then I had to take orders in Spanish, so I started to learn that language. Later I got Italian friends, thus I wanted also be able to speak with them in their mothertongue. It’s still surprising how fast you get rapport with people -at work or in privatelife- when you speak their mother tongue.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart. Nelson Mandela

I did it all with the colleagues, guests and of course my fantastic friends from all over Europe. They even started a Facebook group:”Also I have corrected the CrazyWaiter at least once in my life”.  I also used magazines, music and a lot internet resources. (start with of course!) I didn’t really work hard for it (in the sense that I closed myself in the library to learn lists of words) but it didn’t go automatically neither.

Today my manager handed me a little pinboard with four flags. (French isn’t given because everybody speaks it. And unfortunately they don’t have it for five languages – so my mother tongue is a separate pin ;)). A very tangible prove that my wish of 2006 has been fulfilled and yours will also become reality as long as you work hard for it and wish enough.  Hey, didn’t I work in a place where dreams come true?


People may not remember exactly what you did, or what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel

Today I ate with my collegues in another partnerhotel. While walking to our privatized area, a young girl was waving to me. “You work at x, don’t you”, her mother said. “Yes I do, why?”. The girl answered:”You draw a drawing for me. It’s now hanging in my bedroom to remember that nice evening.” 🙂  #the-fantastic-side-of-my-job

New daddy

Sometimes even the Crazy Waiter is speechless. Some weeks ago I was talking to a couple of  kids between the two restaurants in the hotel where I work. We had a lot of fun with joking, dancing etc. At a certain moment the mother came to take the kids for their dessert.  It was a very friendly and beautiful lady in my age. “Mamma, mamma, we found a nice prince for you”, her son said. “So you want me to leave your father for this man?”. “Yeah, that would be great….” 🙂

(Foto by jcoterhals / CC BY NC ND)


Tonight a Spanish fourtop at table 22. Of course I play el camerero loco with dancing, singing etc. At a certain moment I say “wapa, wapaaa!!!”*) to the four year old girl when she twirls around in her princess dress. She looks into my eyes and says with a lovely little voice “wapo tu!“. 🙂

*) Wapa = guapa = beautiful

You really moved me…

Sometimes I really love my (little) guests for the time they are in my station. Today at table 102 we had a French/Spanish family with a girl who didn’t speak and seemed to have a mental disability or something like that (not sure about this). Normally children are already uncomplicated, but these kids are really uncomplicated. They live today, enjoy what happens and are very direct, even if they can’t communicate like we do.

I played a bit with the girl, fed her, cleaned her hands with the little wipes we have etc. At the end I was remaking another table and she was helping me, in her way. The most of my other colleagues would send her straight away, but I told her:’Here the princesses don’t work, only the princes do.’ She was so sweet…

When paying the lady said:’You’re adorable, you really moved me’. I thought it was a compliment like so many, until I looked up into her wet eyes…. O my gosh, sometimes I really love my work….


Last week there was a five year old boy with a Nike t-shirt with the Swoosh!-text in our restaurant. I say the word and make an swoosh-like-armmovement at the same time. The boy runs back to his table and my colleague heard him saying to his mother:”He’s too funny!!” “Who you’re talking about, I don’t see any character?” “No no, mamma, the waiter”. LOLLLL…

Happy 2010 to all the fellow Crazy Waiters! May it be a year full of happiness, love, friendship and delighted guests!

I want to have you…

Lessson French number one: You have to know that “I want to see you” (Je veux te voir) in French sounds almost like “I want to have you”. (Je veux t’avoir).

I have a very nice and cute looking female teamleader and I needed a void because I made a mistake (even I do ;)), so I asked ‘Je veux te voir‘. With lesson 1 above and a terrible accent (even worse than the video below) in mind you’ll guess what everybody understood:’je veux t’avoir‘. This caused a big hilarity of course 🙂 and the worst part was at that moment that a guest was standing by. But an image of my lovely teamleader would be priceless!

But the same guest asks me some moments later whether I have kids. “No, I’m still searching for a lovely princess.” The guest very adrem:”Apparently you found her”. Mmm… didn’t I work at a place where dreams become reality? 🙂

I can speak French, nevertheless I don’t mind letting the funky music sticking our bodies :p