The reach of a restaurant: Thomas Keller at TEDxEast

As an owner of several successful restaurants, Thomas Keller delighted the audience by sharing the key to running successful restaurants and bakeries. From the extraordinary relationships he builds with individuals across the country who provide him with the highest quality of ingredients to the way in which he fosters an environment for exemplary execution, he has designed a formula for success. He believes that what is most important is to create a memorable experience for diners. Thomas Keller owns eight restaurants and two bakeries including, The French Laundry, Bouchon and Bouchon bakery.

Jan Gunnarsson – “Hostmanship: the art of making people feel welcome”

Jan Gunnarsson explains everything about hostmanship at TEDxMaastricht. Not only in hospitality but also in hospitals for example. By the way, some waiters (no names this time, you know who you are) could learn a lot of the loving care and empathy of nurses and other heroes in the hospitals! His book is also very nice to read (review)

“Jan Gunnarsson is a hospitality industry veteran from Sweden who exhibits a refreshing take upon customer service and leadership. Jan believes customer experience is not in the first place about strategies and tactics but about the attitude we bring. Jan talks about how the heart of a business is an attitude of yourself. Hostmanship is the book he wrote with Olle Blohm. Hostmanship really is about giving. It’s about sharing a part of yourself and your knowledge. Jan inspires us by the simple belief that we should never be forgetting that people who have contacted you are an extension of yourself. It is about understanding that, in that moment, you are an important part of her life. Not only because you have the answer to her question, but you are also the person she has chosen to turn to. Jan Gunnarsson will give us a completely new view upon care and upon service in healthcare.”

Leadership and Service with the Mouse

(c) Disney

The Company with the Mouse has an own institute for Service and Leadership, the Disney Institute. It’s very funny and nice for me to see some concepts related to my workplace and the terms I use in daily life.

Their blogposts about leadership are well worth reading and their ideas match mines. I liked the blogpost with the checklist to find leaders in the organisation, the fact that everyone is a leader according to Disneys believe and the reason why the parks are so clean. Also the posts about Quality and Service have my big interest ofcourse 🙂 There is so much to read (I just started), but I want to share the H.E.A.R.D. formula for service recovery with you.

(BTW Another nice article at another site about service at Disney)

Service Quality for CrazyWaiters

The regulars on this blog know that I have a passion for Service Quality. Today I had an inspiring talk of Mrs. Quality of the hotel where I work at. Normally I’m not keen on listening to these stories (often they think we’re living in a fairytale where everything is already perfect) but this was a pretty good talk with a lot of passion without closing the eyes for the daily reality. Full of inspiration I collected “everything” I already know in a new presentation 🙂

You can continue with the Service Pyramid, the Alter Ego eg. Mission, vision and values of the CrazyWaiter and the numerous posts in this category.

You can also click here to go the the Crazy Waiter’s Service Quality knowledge base with a lot of articles about this subject!

Leadership for Crazy Waiters

A quote of a recruiter tickled me:”People apply to be a teamleader but they don’t know nothing about teamwork or leadership. It’s in the word. Team-Leader” This has made me thinking about leadership. What is leadership? How can you show leadership if you are “just” a waiter and not the boss?Now I’ve set my new focus for the next five years… being a leader, in whatever form or position….

The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® Model

I’ve thought always that I was too soft and friendly to be a leader. Now I’m stronger (but still friendly ;)), but this quote is an eyeopener for me

Leadership is not about personality; it’s about behavior—an observable set of skills and abilities.

According to the The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®-model, leaders are at their personal best there are five core practices common to all: they Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and last but certainly not least, they Encourage the Heart.

read more at The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® Model.

Maribeth Bisienere on service leadership and lifelong learning

One of the plans in the near future is to create a vision, no… *my* vision on leadership in the hospitality to be able – together with my collegues around me- to create even greater experiences for my guests… this video of a fellow Castmember (although far away and a lot of scales higher – see linkedin) is a very nice start… See a longer (other) presentation about leadership worth seeing from this lady here (read more about her interviews here and here)