Kimberly does, but Cheryl doesn’t

This is a nice game to annoy your guests in a funny way. It took a while for me to understand it. Say loud, slowly and well articulating:

“Kimberly does, but Cheryl doesn’t. Mamma does, but daddy doesn’t. Your Mouth does, but your tongue doesn’t”.

You got the difference?

[spoiler name=”<-- Click here for the solution"]With the first words the lips are touching each other while you're not closing your mouth with the second. Most of times it takes a while before people start to understand the trick, especially when you're using a lot of living things like persons and animals because they're looking for charisterics of them instaed focussing on the words.[/spoiler]

P.S. Both ladies have climbed the Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief and thus raised (with 7 others celebrities) an amazing 3,4 million pound!