Flashmob with Alors on dance!

Nothing to do next saturday 13th november 2010 and in the neighbourhood of (Disneyland) Paris? Join the flashmob with Stromea‘s Alors on dance, one of the European summerhits of 2010. To join, fill out the form here.  And no, the CrazyWaiter has to work so he won’t be seen 🙂 The result is after the jump

Those who don’t join can look at the video and take inspiration of the danceroutine. BTW: The artist has a lot of video’s how he built up his music, very interesting for those who dream of a career as DJ or dancemusician.

It’s for ELA, the European Leukodystrophy Association. The word Leukodystrophy refers to a group of disorders characterized by progressive degeneration of the white matter of the brain

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Polina Semionova

A lot of my little female guests like dancing and ballet. To their hilarity, I know the first three positions, and that’s it. I always give the girls the name of this beautiful dancer, Polina Semionova. She is born in Moscow in 1984, is a classical ballet dancer and Principal with the Berlin State Opera. She is regarded as a Prima Ballerina and is one of the youngest dancers to achieve this particular kind of recognition. This is just an amazing video with an amzing dancer!

The music is the backingtrack of “Demo (Letzter Tag)” from Herbert Grönemeyer.

The dancing waiter

A part of being Crazy Waiter is to know how to move. Being in a restaurant with a lot of princesses, I waltz sometimes with the kids. Or I do stupid discodance moves. It’s only a problem that I don’t have a talent for dancing (it took me ages to learn the Mickeydance – and still it looked aweful), but hey… as long as the kids laugh it’s good enough…

Also in private life, after work it can be very helpful. Scientists have found out which movements are most attractive for women. So watch carefully and imitate and the most beautiful girls will be yours 🙂

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