Arnica magic

Because I’m a runner, I follow a lot of running weblogs. Silly Girl Running is one of these. She’s also a bit crazy (in the good sense of the word) by running for example two marathons in two weeks or running 78 km (49 mi) in the mountains of Swiss this summer.  In one post she showed the things she always carries with her and one of these is  arnica-gel. This triggered me to do some googling and research and finally I found and bought also a tube of the french brand Mercurochrome.

Yesterday I my hamstrings hurted, so I did a little massage with the gel. I applied it also today before work and the pain disappeared! (of course I didn’t do a double-blind test but it’s worth the try to see if it helps for you)

It doesn’t smell or seem to leave traces and most important it doesn’t make your hands fatty like massage oil does. And it works great for tired muscles and little pains (*) like we waiters often have after walking more than 6 km (4mi) a day at work!

I want to try other brands (there are a lot at Amazon or the french site Ciao) like Weleda (I think the most ‘natural’), Boiron or VSM (Dutch) but already after two days I recommend this kind of gel to my collegue waiters!

Any tips for brands or other gels to cure little pains? Don’t hesitate to share them!

(*) It’s important to listen to your body! When having a lot of pain or recurring problems go to see a doctor!

This post is not endorsed by any of the sites and/or brands mentioned.

Etray Ergo

This week I saw in the public library of Arnhem (NL) a new serving tray to serve drinks, the Etray Ergo. It’s like a normalserving tray, with a anti-slip layer and the possibility to print publicity but… they cut out some space to make it easier to serve the drinks. It should be easier to move your wrist, and thus saving 37,5% of the force in that part of your body. To read more about this, see the original patentdescription. The idea is very good, but I didn’t test it myself, but I’ll try to test it in the near future!

EDIT: I’ve tested it and Ididn’t like it that much as I expected. It’s like running shoes: whether you have flexibility whether you have stability. Basic geometry says that a plane is made of three points and when carrying a tray it consists of your thumb, ringfinger and underarm. When using the etray ergo you there’s no third point anymore or it’s at the wrist or middlefinger (lowering the distance and so increasing the forces on your hand, I think it has to do someting with the moment). You’re loosing the stability and I didn’t get used to it at all.

(post not endorsed by Etray)

The CrazyWaiters pockets

Let’s dive today in CrazyWaiters pockets. Everything he carries has his sense.

  • Winekey To open winebottles of course. The knife is multifunctional. My preferred one is the Cellini of FarmItaly.
  • Pen To write the orders and sign the creditcard slips. Bic Cristal because they don’t leak inkt when it gets warm (read: in your pocket). Of course two because pens are there to loose.
  • POS card to have access to our POS computer. We use Micros
  • Crown cork opener It goes more quickly with a simple one like this than with the one on the winekey.
  • Matches To lighten the candles on the birthdaycake. In France it’s prohibited to smoke in the restaurant, so it hasn’t sense to give a light to the beautiful girl at table 501 🙂
  • Stickers To reward kids who have eaten everything. Or to put on the adhesive bandage to make an exclusive one.
  • Adhesive bandage For ourself, the colleagues or guests.
  • Needle and wire To fix buttons and perform other little reparations to our clothes or others. Also to adjust princess-dresses which are a bit too big. EDIT 24-11-2010 I ruined a dress today after I made it shorter with safetypins… ooops.. so I won’t do it again
  • Faceshield To protect yourself and the other when performing Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The one of Leardael is the best according to my CPR teacher. By the way, I strongly believe that knowledge of First Aid and CPR is a moral obligation of everybody working in public places as restaurants and hotels.
  • Gloves To protect yourself while cleaning vomit and stopping bleedings
  • Earplugs There is a lot of noise in the restaurant where I’m working. Now I have Alpine worksafe but I’m waiting for Clear EAR 20 who will filter more the hightones and less the lowtones (eg. the voicerange). This type of earplugs is very discrete, you don’t see them if guests are looking to the front of your face. The new ones will even be more discrete. (EDIT: view a review on the 3M Clear Ear here
  • Wallet To collect the creditcardslips, tips and the most of the stuff listed here. Fixed with an wire to my trouser because I’m too afraid to forget it somewhere or loose it.
  • Handwipes To give to the guests after eating shrimps. (To give them opened half torned is a nice gesture because the guests hands will be fatty) Also useful to clean tables, shoes and spots on the wall. (NB: Not on the picture)
  • Hotel- and parcinformation To answer all the questions about opening and closing times of shops, sauna’s and other nice things we have to offer.

And what do you have in your pockets what is not listed here?

Shoes for CrazyWaiters

One of the big risks in the restaurant industry is gliding. Once I banged my head that hard against a wall that I was almost unconscious. (see also this video.)

Now we have the Executive Wing-Tip from Shoes For Crews. In contradiction to other shoes I have used in the past, they fit fantastic, have a flexible sole, have great cushioning, give support and I’ve never glided any more! I managed to run 200 meter in 50 seconds with it when I forgot my POS-card in my locker  😉 and when I see them in a shop I’d definitely buy one of their shoes for daily use. So I really recommend these shoes!

Edit: I would choose the new Senator, because the little ‘holes’ in the Executive Wing-Tip are difficult to clean.

Edit 2: Apparently they’ve changed supplier because the new shoes are not as good as the old ones in terms of comfort, fit and anti-gliding capacities. So try to fit them first before you buy them

Edit 3: Now I’m working in the event- and partycatering I wish I had this one with a steel toe to protect my toes against falling and rolling tables. Anyone in a good mood? 🙂

Edit 4: They listened to me (ahum…) and have now an Excecutive Wing with a steel nose. But now I don’t work at eventcatering anymore…

NB: The CrazyWaiter is not paid for this message. However, if SFC wants to give a pair of shoes for this testimonial all they need to do is to contact me. 🙂

Edit: is a Dutch webshop selling SFC