Answering and Waiting In Vegas

Since I have an Asian face, have a Dutch nationality and work in France there are a lot of guests who want to know how that’s possible. Most of the times I answer but sometimes the guest wants to know more. In that case I’m grateful that I work at the place where I work, because there’s magic everywhere. Of course I’m not the only waiter who has to answer a lot of questions…

Let me start by saying that anyone who knows me knows that I never introduce myself to tables. I think most people don’t give a fuck what my name is and when they do want to know they can take the initiative and ask or simply read my name tag. The truth is that when people do know your name, they only use it to aggravate you by repeating it every single time they see you. Others only want to know your name so they can impatiently scream it from across the room instead of simply making eye contact like a normal human being would do. With that said, I should also let you know that when I dine out I don’t give a fuck what my server’s name is either. Not because I don’t care about them as a person but simply because I’m not dining out to make new friends – I have plenty.

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(Foto: Eiffel Tower Restaurant Las Vegas by Motel George, CC NC-ND, the restaurant on the photo and Waiting in Vegas are not linked, for as far I know )

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