Unexpected Acts of Service

Nowadays everybody nows the “random acts of kindness“. Let’s translate that to our business and call it “Unexpected acts of Service”. It’s doing something small that gives joy to the guest (and yourself) so that the service quality experience is higher. And happy guests are returning guests 🙂 It can be very simple.  The secret is looking and listening very careful to verbal and above all non-verbal comunications.  The best thing is when you do the act of course unexpected with a smile and when possible walking away without saying anything like nothing happened.

For your inspiration some examples of UAoS:

  • Bringing a gluten free dessert when the birthdaycake is coming for a girl (*)
  • Looking for some color pencils if you see that those from the guest are broken
  • Bringing some wet towels when people have to shake a lot of hands with a condoleance or wedding
  • Giving a glass of water when you see that someone is very very thirsty
  • Adding some honey if you bring tea to singers
  • Bringing a plate with small cookies if you hear that people are discussing who has to take the last cookie
  • Indicating the way to the toilet if you see someone looking for it
  • Serving grated cheese if you hear a kid complain that there is no cheese on the pasta
  • If you see that a guest (almost) didn’t eat anyting, ask ‘whether you can do something for him’ (never:’something is wrong?’) or even bring another alternative dish unasked (with possible with sit-down dinners)

The management has to create the opportunities for making the UAoS possible, because some acts might cost some time or other resouces. But the added value is immense!

Do you have other examples of UAoS?

2 thoughts to “Unexpected Acts of Service”

  1. The other day we were discussing special English candy with our guests in a British-owned restaurant in France. We were quite surprised when we were served exactly this candy in stead of chocolate at the end of the meal. The owner said she overheard us discussing it. A very kind gesture, but it also felt a bit intrusive, to be honest. Where does service end and eavesdropping start?

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