This blogpost might save your hands

I see it all the time, collegues who clean and dry wineglasses without putting the foot in the corner of the towel. And nobody instructed them ever to dry the glasses in a safe way. Following your old habit can be very dangerous! Why?

  • The foot (purple arrow) can have sharp edges because a little piece of glass broke off. While turning the glass to dry it, you’ll have thus a nice scarf in your palm or fingers. Aarrghhh!
  • The stem (the piece you hold in your hand) can break. Mostly it will break near the foot (orange arrow) or at the button (yellow arrow) and because you put some force on the glass, it will be launched and work like an arrow which will damage your hand. Auwww!!!

Don’t forget: We CrazyWaiters need our hands more than anyone else!

(thanks to dear collegue P. to take the photos. And to my other dear collegue S. to give me the urge to write this blogpost after planning and postponing so many times)

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