The fifth chair

An interesting story about hospitality:

“On this premises I’d like to tell you a little story that occurred to me a short while ago when I was visiting the beautiful city of Trieste with my wife and few friends. (..)

Our research soon produced a typical trattoria owned by an old couple, with 25-30 seats, husband in the kitchen, wife is in the room – and you immediately notice it. The interiors’ decorations, the courteousness were a clear sign of a woman’s touch hence we felt at home the moment we walked in. But something weird caught my attention. Sitting at the rounded table set for four people, I noticed something unusual: five chairs for four people…I couldn’t figure out why was that and when I looked at the rest of the room I was really intrigued since all the tables presented the same layout. That’s not a mistake – I thought – there must be something related to the service.”

Read the whole story at Serving is a supreme art.

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