The elements of Service Quality (1)

We’re delivering quality. But what is it? In very short it is the difference between expectation and that what you get. If you get more than expected, the quality is high, and vice versa.

If you ask people about quality you’ll get a lot of words. If you put all the terms which come up  in a box and sort them in groups, you’ll find five groups. Clever people (scientists) speak about dimensions. They are easy to remember with the word RATER

Reliability (26%) Reliability is the ability to perform the promised service dependably and accurately. Do we deliver what we promise?
Tangibles (10.8%) Tangibles are the physical facilities, equipment, and appearance of personnel.
Assurance (32.3%) Assurance is guaranteeing the process of performing services
Empathy (10.1%)  The care and personalized service given
Responsiveness (20.8%); With regard to the dimension of responsiveness, the quick problem-solving ability of the service personnel is a good opportunity to impress the consumer

To be noted is that the percentages are valid for hot spring hotels. But my feeling says its the same for restaurants and other businesses. A lot of managers think that the Tanglibles are very important, but they really should take care of the capability of the employees on assurance, reliability and responsiveness.
The term RATER comes from (Parasuraman et al., 1988). The weights of every dimension are from Hsie, 2007

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