A book for tips!

We CrazyWaiters are always fond of tips. Especially those who are serving in countries where service is not included (and salaries are
lower and thus depending on tips). If you als want inspiration how to increase your tips I recommend the new book of David Hayden.

Hayden is known for his websites Tips for Tips and his Hospitality Formula Network which consists of a bounch of sites for waiters and other people in the hospitality business. Now he releases a book “Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips”. It’s not in a storyform like the Waiter Rant-book (also very recommendable) but it is broken down into 10 sections containing 52 chapters which each address a very specific skill to improve yourself.

It’s very readable and because the chapters aren’t too long you can (re)read the book bit by bit. Also the tone of voice is very

David is very kind by giving the readers of CrazyWaiter.com a reduction of 20%. For that you have to use the coupon code  “CRAZYWAITER”, valid until July 1st 2011. (FYI: I don’t benefit of your purchase – not that I’d accept it). So go to his booksite and order the book. I’m soon going to order mine (and some for a couple of dear friends). You might also be able to buy/order it at your own bookstore using the ISBN’s: ISBN-10: 0-9836393-0-2 or ISBN-13: 9780983639305

CrazyWaiter Tips and Tricks! (part 1)

Hospitality can’t be learnt with some tips and tricks. But of course they exist! I’ll share mine!

  • When somebody cries:  give him or her without asking a glass of water. For the simple reason that when you drink you’re not able to cry. Besides it removes the helpless feeling of the other guests. A crying kid can be get silent with a lolly.
  • Take always good care for elderly and children. When they are happy everybody is happy
  • Where people shake hands (weddings, condolences) : place a jug of water (and glasses of course) and little (wet) towels to clean the hands..
  • Give artists always water and glasses. They appreciate it a lot
  • Walking with the guests to show the way to for example the toilet is very kind. You’re not working in the supermarket!
  • If you bring empty glasses (for e.g. beer) turn them upside down on your tray to exit the little bit of water in the glasses.
  • When people order mineral water, ask if they want ice in it or serve it separate. Never in the glasses (you don’t mix pure water with tap-water)
  • Reading a lot of reviews on the internet and magazines.
  • The etiquette dictates the rules, the situation the exceptions
  • Even saying the word welcome make the guest feeling at ease

(Foto by Swamibu / CC BY NC 2.0)

Are Paris waiters rude… or is it you?

I’m not a Parisien waiter (I live in a kingdom on his own), butI hear a lot of people saying that French waiters are arrogant, rude etc. I don’t agree with it, because the way people act is always a reaction on you. Karma you know ! It helps also that I speak French. This is a very interesting article about this topic.

In matters of French culture and customs, the Paris waiter has, fairly or unfairly, often been singled out as the poster child for the rude-French stereotype. But what you may think of as rude may be nothing but poorly communicated cultural differences on both sides.

Read futher at French culture and customs: Are Paris waiters rude or is it you?.
Read also In Defense of the Notoriously Arrogant French Waiter

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Make up yourself… for more tips

We waiters knew it already, but know it has been proved scientifically: waitress with makeup receive more tips and the amount is higher, but only from male clients. They have done the research with 247 guests (186 males and 98 females). They have been served by two waitresses. One day they used make up and another day they didn’t . Follow the link to read the exact method and results. The percentage of customers who gave tips increases when the waitress had makeup. (by the male as female guests, but only the increase by male clients seems to be significant. I have to check it out with some people more clever than this crazy waiter…) Also the amount increases (given by male guests). Read the whole research here.

So we conclude in the words of the researchers:

These results have some practical implication for females employees in bar or restaurant. They confirm the effect of servers’ physical attractiveness on the amount of tips earned especially for waitresses. It would be interesting for women’s restaurant employees to use facial makeup to enhance their physical attractiveness and then, in return, to enhance their incomes especially in bars or restaurant where men used to go.

So ladies: now you know what you have to do girls tomorrow!