Shoes for CrazyWaiters

One of the big risks in the restaurant industry is gliding. Once I banged my head that hard against a wall that I was almost unconscious. (see also this video.)

Now we have the Executive Wing-Tip from Shoes For Crews. In contradiction to other shoes I have used in the past, they fit fantastic, have a flexible sole, have great cushioning, give support and I’ve never glided any more! I managed to run 200 meter in 50 seconds with it when I forgot my POS-card in my locker  😉 and when I see them in a shop I’d definitely buy one of their shoes for daily use. So I really recommend these shoes!

Edit: I would choose the new Senator, because the little ‘holes’ in the Executive Wing-Tip are difficult to clean.

Edit 2: Apparently they’ve changed supplier because the new shoes are not as good as the old ones in terms of comfort, fit and anti-gliding capacities. So try to fit them first before you buy them

Edit 3: Now I’m working in the event- and partycatering I wish I had this one with a steel toe to protect my toes against falling and rolling tables. Anyone in a good mood? 🙂

Edit 4: They listened to me (ahum…) and have now an Excecutive Wing with a steel nose. But now I don’t work at eventcatering anymore…

NB: The CrazyWaiter is not paid for this message. However, if SFC wants to give a pair of shoes for this testimonial all they need to do is to contact me. 🙂

Edit: is a Dutch webshop selling SFC