Megafactories – Illy Coffee

One of my favorite brands is Illy caffè! I love the promotion of their quality and sustainability, it was a big inspiration for me when I was working  as QESH-engineer for a local coffeeroaster. In this interesting documentary you see the fascinating world of Illy Caffè

And if you understand Italian or just want to see some nice images of Florence, Illy has made this movie to promote their ‘artists of taste’ with the beautiful barista Paula of Odeon Bistro

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Art in My Coffee

Although I worked for a coffeeroaster, I can’t make a decent cappuccino. (luckily for this we have a full automatic machine at work) Those who are able to do it, can find a new challenge in their life. See this video!

You can also find a lot of inspiration at Art in My Coffee. Here you’ll find hundreds of photos of Latte Art!

(photo: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 by Made2Serve)

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