Behind the bash

Your CrazyWaiter has a lot of foodsteps in the partycatering. It’s cool, you start with nothing (an empty building or garage), you build up a restaurant or partycenter, you do the party, you break down and you end with nothing. Especially when it’s on location it’s about 25% service, 25% kitchen and 50% organisation.

Behind the Bash is a show hosted by Giada De Laurentiis (@gdelaurentiis) that aired on Food Network.

The show focuses on what it takes to create the (quoted from Food Network’s website)”over-the-top, high-rolling parties from glitzy Las Vegas to New York City.” In these fragments they are following the catering for the afterparty of the Grammy awards. Giada is invited behind the scenes of a Grammy after party that was several months in the making. In four days, 6,000 guests are set to arrive at the L.A. Convention Center. Things have to be unforgettably elegant and over-the-top gourmet. After the jump also an episode detailing the grand opening gala for the new theatrical production, Phantom — The Las Vegas Spectacular, which opened at The Venetian.

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