Everybody who knows me and I think even those who read this blog regularly know that I love, and really love serving my little guests (read: children) They always amaze me and make me feel that I have a nice job. But this quote can’t be more true!

Any parent who allows their child to demand a different colored straw should not be a parent. You suck. Point blank. Your child does not need a blue or yellow straw to cope. Green will be just fine. Or Orange. They all work the same. Stop teaching Junior to expect everything he wants in life. He’s only going to be let down sooner than later.

Found at I hate serving your children. Unfortunately the writer doesn’t maintain her blog, but the two stories she has written are very amusing!

And yes, I’ve got to admit that whatever my thoughts about it are, I’m one of the crazy waiters that does whatever it takes to find the right colour of straw and make the little guest happy…

(Foto by EJP Foto, CC BY NC SA 2.0)

One thought to “Straws”

  1. I’ll get the kids what they want, mostly so they’ll SHUT UP. But they have to tell me, because I’m not a mind-reader and I’m not attuned to children. So much so that last night I got $2 on a $30 tab, I suspect because I didn’t acknowledge their baby!

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