So you want to be…

Pride in your restaurant …can help you in your interactions with your guests.


Even if you work in a fairly generic restaurant like Chili’s or Applebee’s, surely there’s something in the history of the organization that can be pointed to to distinguish it from every other restaurant in world; sometimes it can even distinguish it from others in the chain.


There’s always a hook somewhere – whether it’s community involvement, the artwork on the wall, the piano that’s 60 years old that was played by Van Cliburn during a visit in the 60s, the menu item that’s been on the menu for 20 years; the list is endless. Every restaurant has something that distinguishes it from every other restaurant. Sometimes it’s sitting right in front of your face. (read whole story)

Today I’ve got a really nice plug from So You Want To Be A Waiter. SYWTBAW is calling my weblog ‘very nice’, but this weblog is at least as amusing as mine, so take a look! Thanks for the compliments and of course for the plug!
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