Shoes for CrazyWaiters

One of the big risks in the restaurant industry is gliding. Once I banged my head that hard against a wall that I was almost unconscious. (see also this video.)

Now we have the Executive Wing-Tip from Shoes For Crews. In contradiction to other shoes I have used in the past, they fit fantastic, have a flexible sole, have great cushioning, give support and I’ve never glided any more! I managed to run 200 meter in 50 seconds with it when I forgot my POS-card in my locker  😉 and when I see them in a shop I’d definitely buy one of their shoes for daily use. So I really recommend these shoes!

Edit: I would choose the new Senator, because the little ‘holes’ in the Executive Wing-Tip are difficult to clean.

Edit 2: Apparently they’ve changed supplier because the new shoes are not as good as the old ones in terms of comfort, fit and anti-gliding capacities. So try to fit them first before you buy them

Edit 3: Now I’m working in the event- and partycatering I wish I had this one with a steel toe to protect my toes against falling and rolling tables. Anyone in a good mood? 🙂

Edit 4: They listened to me (ahum…) and have now an Excecutive Wing with a steel nose. But now I don’t work at eventcatering anymore…

NB: The CrazyWaiter is not paid for this message. However, if SFC wants to give a pair of shoes for this testimonial all they need to do is to contact me. 🙂

Edit: is a Dutch webshop selling SFC

3 thoughts to “Shoes for CrazyWaiters”

  1. shoes for crews rock but as much as i hate to prop wal-mart, they have a new brand of restaurant shoes called Tred-Safe that are every bit as good and cost around $20. plus, you can try them on first.

  2. I have found the best serving shoes. I work in a very busy chain restaurant (Cheddars), and I use the pedometer application on my phone to see how far I walk. I average about 5 miles on a weeknight and 7 on a weekend night. Sometimes ill work a double on Saturday or Sunday and do fifteen miles. I’ve been looking for the best server’s shoe for years, and I thought I’d found it with some crocs slip ons. These shoes are awesomely durable, but made for cooks who stand and occasionally walk about, not for servers walking nonstop. The crocs would cause knee soreness for me and I could feel pains in my back I wasn’t used to. But I liked that they held up so well, so I went and bought the croc Tummlys and they are hands down the best. Better than shoes for crews, Skechers, dr shoals and all the others I tried. Perfect lightness, cushion,slip tech, and walking motion. I clean them real quick after every shift with a little soap water and then put the croc butter on them to make them look good. Get them!

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