See you later! the CrazyCourier arrives!

You probably saw that the frequency of updates has dropped down the last months. After more than five years of hard work I took a five months rest to try to find work in Italy. And yes, I succeeded!

After tomorrow I will begin as courier for Selectcamp at Pra’ delle Torri in Caorle (40 km above Venice). I’ll prepare the accomodations and I am (together with a collegue) the central point of service and representation of the company for the guests. Maybe I’ll play also the roll of the CrazyCampingbutler 🙂 I’m very happy to work for a company where hospitality is paramount, so I’m very happy to work for them! (my mission won’t change at all, don’t worry folks!)

Working with leisure guests, with families with kids, under the Italian sun, beach at 100 meters away, every day Italian food, great collegues and other people at the camping… it will be a summer that will never end!

Of course I will keep posting interesting things here, but stay tuned also at Arriverderci!

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