Puss och kram!

Last week I went to a big attraction parc with two women and a little lovely girl of four years from Finland. However, their mother tongue was Swedish. The girl could only speak Swedish so we had to communicate with hands, but the language barriere was very high so that made her shy. That made me so frustrated that my very very vague intention to learn Swedish has changed in a big desire to learn the basics to be able to communicate with her, collegues and guests. Remember: the easiest way (ahum…) to make rapport with somebody is to speak (a bit) of the others mother tongue!

For that I bought the  iPhone app Go Swedish. (I already had the free love-version) Here you learn the language with a girl with a very sweet voice. She has also put a lot of words on her videos at her Youtube-channel and of course she can be found at Twitter.

Thanks to this nameless Swedish(?) girl I didn’t need a lot of time to learn to count till ten! yay! Jag kan räkna till tio in Svenska nu!

BTW Another great basic tutorial can be found here. But without the cute voice of my Swedish friend! 🙂 (But I always like to use different methods at one time to learn a language)

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  1. I always love it when 2 dfifferent websites or blogs that I really like collide into one. For example, your blog and GoSwedish!
    I love her voice too.

    Puss puss!

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