The waiter eats also!

Desperate students who are still looking for a thesis topic, do not worry. After working in dozens of different hospitality organizations I have an interesting topic for you. My hypothese is: ‘The quality of the staff food is has a postive correlation with the guest satisfaction` After all, good food -> satisfied staff -> staff delivers quality -> satisfied guests. Moreover, it says something about how the management sees the staff (simple infantry or valued resources) and how collegial the atmosphere is in the organization (after all, it’s almost always colleagues who cook for colleagues). And that is often very significant. I’m not sure which factor is the source and which one is the result, but hey, otherwise there was nothing to investigate anymore ….

So if you see me eating a Weight Care Chocolate Crisp, you know enough about the organization 😀

Broken illusions

After almost 20 years of hard work in the restaurant business, I have the illusion that I understand mankind a little bit more. But that illusion can be thrown away when I think of some guests in the past…

  • People who pay 50 euro for only some shrimps, potato smileys or spaghetti. Or asking for only an omelet. Vive the kitchen food mark up
  • People who drink coke when eating the most luxury meals.
  • People who get impatient when you can’t take their order when there are four tables entering in your station.
  • People  who are acting in a very arrogant, unpleasant way and take you for the biggest dumb-ass in the world when they don’t understand your way of speaking their language (with an accent, I admit). Pfff, learn six languages yourself !
  • The lady who was very pissed when I asked for her vouchers before eating when she was there with her guests. (“you think that I’m a thief?”). Standard procedure lady…
  • The man who was threatening me in a way that my colleagues called almost the security. What did I wrong? I was very unpolite to his son. I asked his son to wait a second for his coke because I was serving his mother. Ladies and older poeple first, isn’t it?

But don’t worry, all my other guests are very cute, beautiful, friendly and comprehensive. But sometimes….

(Foto:  Waiter – B1 by h.koppdelaney / CC BY-ND 2.0)

The reach of a restaurant: Thomas Keller at TEDxEast

As an owner of several successful restaurants, Thomas Keller delighted the audience by sharing the key to running successful restaurants and bakeries. From the extraordinary relationships he builds with individuals across the country who provide him with the highest quality of ingredients to the way in which he fosters an environment for exemplary execution, he has designed a formula for success. He believes that what is most important is to create a memorable experience for diners. Thomas Keller owns eight restaurants and two bakeries including, The French Laundry, Bouchon and Bouchon bakery.