Once upon a time…

The Castle

Once upon a time ….

… there was a beautiful lovely princess wandering around in a park. Suddenly she found on the floor a very very magical wine-opener. She tought: “The person who did loose that one must be very special”.

She asked every waiter in the country whether he lost his corkscrew. Everybody said they did, but couldn’t open a bottle of wine of it. All the time the cork stayed firm in the bottle of wine she brought with her.

Finally after visiting all the restaurants in the country, she saw someone in the very last one who was cleaning the legs of the tables. “Don’t ask Cinderello, it won’t be him”, everybody said. However she did, showed the opener and by the happy look in his eyes she knew it was him. He took the opener and the bottle in his hands and with a magical movement the cork glided smoothly out of the bottle.

It seemed to be CrazyWaiter who was deemed to clean forever the restaurant because he couldn’t do his normal job anymore. Who wants a waiter who can’t open a bottle of wine?

After he thanked her with a hug they looked eachother deep in the eyes. They fell in love, he moved into her castle …

…and they lived happily ever after…..

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