Olive oil, the green liquid gold

Once I was a food technologist with specialisation quality management. I’m still fascinated by the term quality: what is quality really. And what distinguishes top quality (the best of the best) from good quality and bad quality. And how to see, feel or taste those differences.

Not only of services, but also of products and food. Now I’m into olive oil. It’s triggered by an episode about Ollive Oil from a Dutch Television programme ‘Keuringsdienst van Waarde’ (it’s in Dutch, from 13:50 they are going to taste in an Italian sensory lab where things are explained by a very cute Italian lady – maybe she was the real trigger;)).

It’s a huge business and there’s a lot of marketing involved and also real scam. They show beautiful Italian pictures in the publicity while the oil is relative cheap Spanish oil. (in fact the marketing-‘lies’ is what the program tries to uncover)

The first info to start with is Wikipedia. Good portals are olives101.com, oliveoiltimes.com and all-about-olive-oil.com. Here you find tips and tricks how to taste and how to set up a test. It continues with a description of the tastes and flavors in olive oil. I’ve put some other intersting links about this topic at delicious (and it will grow the following days)

The best way is of course to go to a shop where they sell a lot of olive oils like I did yesterday (without the knowledge I found today). You’ll find a lot of things in common in the different oils but also a lot of differences which makes it cool and really nice to discover. I’m going to Sicily in 4 weeks (yes!) and of course I try to do a olive oil tasting under the Sicilian sun!

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