[NL] Knallen in de horeca

There are a lot of television programs about the kitchen (for instance Gordon Ramsey), but finally there’s a program about the waiters and the service side of our job. In this program the employees are trained by Willem Reimers, a man who has a lot of experience in the business.

I really like the fact that there is serious attention for our job. The program is well done. It’s hilarious to see the behaviour at the beginning, filmed with candid cameras. A waiter gave his phonenumber, and another waitress even gossiped about other guests to guests. Of course everything is improved at the end, I hope they can continue this.

I did not see shocking new things for me personally from the training given in the program, but it emphasizes the fact that the management should really give more attention to taste the products we sell. I also realized that being the responsible person on the floor not means that you have to be tight and criticize the others all the time, but above all have to coach them on the path to excellence.

The program is really well done, and I hope this program has a lot of viewers. Not only waiters but also the guest, so they’ll appreciate our job even more! After this when everybody knows how to do it well, a program MasterWaiter (inspired by Masterchef) to show who is the best waiter of the country?

See it yourself at the site of Knallen in de Horeca. (To see the program, click ‘gemist’. Unfortunately it’s in dutch and not subtitled.)

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