Los Lunnis – Nos vamos a la cama

Los Lunnis is an extraterrestrials population who live in the world of Luna Lunera in a Spanish television program for children. There are various educative elements in it and it’s a great program to improve your (passive) Spanish!

This song seems to be pretty famous and know to every Spanish child. (*)

estoy muy cansada / i’m very tired
hoy no he parado / i haven’t stopped
de tanto jugar / with playing
estoy agotada / i’m exhausted

mañana estaremos / tomorrow we will be
llenos de energia / full of energy
porque por la noche / because the night
cargamos nuestras pilas / will charge our batteries

buenas noches / good night
hasta mañana / see you tomorow
los lunnis y los ninos / the Lunnis and the kids
nos vamos a la cama / we are going to bed
hasta mañana / see you tomorrow

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