Little CrazyWaiters

When I was a little boy I had already fun with emptying and cleaning the tables in the café where my parents were drinking a coffee. I also used to play restaurant with my brother. Maybe I knew my destiny already at those times. When working, I also try to make kids enthousiastic for working in the restaurant business. I remember a little girl who was interested and knew her destiny after I gave her a tour in the à-la-carte restaurant in our hotel.

Little wannabe chefs de cuisine and maîtres d’hotel can now play with this box. For the chef there is a book with receipts, a toque, and a plate with “employees only”. The little waiters and waitresses can have fun with a sets for the table, money, menus, writing pads and a book “the perfect waiter”. Damn, I wish I was a little kid 🙂

If you live in France you can order it here or here (around 20 euro). If you live elsewhere order another American box Let’s play restaurant! (less sophisticated and more expensive IMHO) , or start your own business with selling boxes like this!

(Photo by LeFigaro)

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