Lego waiter

Today I saw this on a photo in a shop. Unfortunately they are sold in a serie and the individual packages don’t show which figure is in it, so I didn’t buy it. But I will monitor ebay closely because  I really want him !!!

From the Lego site:(*)

“Good evening. May I recommend this fine green plastic bottle with a picture of grapes on it?”

The Waiter is the very model of balance, manners and poise. Perpetually patient and polite, he always knows exactly what drink to serve with each turkey leg, sausage link, or pizza pie his customers order…although it might be because he only has one bottle, and he serves it every time.

There’s just a single thing that rattles the calm of the cool and collected Waiter, and that’s unexpected noises. Something as simple as a hiccup across the room is enough to startle him, and a sneeze once almost made him drop his tray. You don’t even want to know what happens when somebody nearby burps!

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