How to respond to reviews

I like review sites because it’s a mirror of your own work. Also it’s a great source of finding new restaurants and places which I use a lot. Especially when the company answers because it shows that they care (a bit more) of their guests. My favorite answers are from Hotel Villa Schuler in the beautiful Taormina (Sicily, Italy) at Tripadvisor, especially this one should be in all hotelschool textbooks. I used their answers as inspiration for this article. There are also some answers from EasyHotel Amsterdam.

Now you can also use my Review Response Generator 🙂

Some tips on how to respond. (–>)

  • Start with the name of the guest.
    • Dear CrazyWaiter,
  • Thank the guest for taking the effort to write a review.
    • We thank you for taking the time to write a comment about your stay here and appreciated your compliments about the hotel and it‘s staff. We always learn from the useful TripAdvisor reviews and your unusual comment helped us rethink about one specific detail. (*) or
    • Thank you for taking the time to express your comments regarding your recent stay with us. We have taken your remarks regarding the room temperature very seriously and we take appropriate action to ensure this does not occur in the future and prevent re-occurrence. Your feedback allows us to improve our product and service offered and is therefore very much appreciated (#)
  • Show your happiness or regret depending on the tone of voice.
    • We regret reading that your stay wasn’t according your expectations
  • Don’t hesitate to apologize when appropiate (but don’t apologize more than two or three times, it will look sarcastic like this review)
    • We do apologise for the delay you report in serving your breakfast on the last day of your stay.  On that particular morning most clients unexpectedly came down for breakfast almost at the same time and our two waiters tried to cope with it as good as they could. (…). But then again: rush hours are always terrible, for all of us. Therefore please excuse us again. (*)
  • If needed set the facts straight or correct the opinions, but don’t argue. Adress to every specific point
    • To make it possible to other guests make an argued choce based on facts, we’d like to say that (eg. the price of the buffet is €51)
    • We don’t recognize ourself in… 
    • All the more we feel pity about the fact that you didn’t like so much the room you were staying in. We appreciate that you decided to share your opinion on the room, but we would like to adjust one important misleading detail. (*)
  • If needeed and not done already say that you use or how you have used the review as input for further improvements.
    • We took your suggestions very seriously. Last winter we renewed 12 bathrooms now all with jacuzzi showers or bath-tubs and you can be reassured there are no more problems with wet bathroom floors. The hot water supply is now stably guaranteed by our new state of the art electronic regulated water heating system. Thank you for helping us improve our services. (*) 
  • Give tips to avoid the problems another time
    • A hotel manager always feels sad if clients are disturbed by noisy room neighbours. Our clients here at the (…) are mostly individually travelling couples and in the rare event of disharmonies it is our highest task to balance them immediately. Our attitude is “consider it solved” but of course we have to be informed when things happen. Even a short phone call to the 24h reception would have solved it diplomatically but immediately. (*) or
    • We are sorry to read that you left hungry while simply asking a refilment (for free!) was enough to fulfill your needs. 
  • Thank the guest another time and say that you’ll hope to see them again. Say that the compliments are forwarded to the persons named (and do it!).  The employees love to hear it and the writers love to read that they didn’t take the effort for nothing
    • We thank you for expressing your compliments to Tania, Eva and Danny , which we have already passed on to them. We definitely cherish employees such as Tania (…) (#)
  • End with your name to make the answer more possible.
  • Last tip: if you answer one, answer them all! Even if you ignore one, that guest will think:”Why don’t I have an answer”?
EDIT: Tripadvisor has also a guide for responding on reviews

Now you can also use my Review Response Generator 🙂

(*) Quotes with the asterix are answers from Hotel Schuler at Tripadvisor to various reviews (#) Quotes with the sharp are answers from Easyhotel Amsterdam at Tripadvisor to various reviews. 

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