How to get more tips… use makeup!

We knew it already but now it’s researched another time: waitresses with makeup have more tip than those without makeup.

In this study the effect of cosmetics on tipping behavior and the link between behavior and judgment on the physical attractiveness of waitresses wearing or not wearing cosmetics were tested. A female waitress with or without makeup was instructed to act in her usual way with her patrons. Results showed that the makeup condition was associated with a significant increase in the tipping behavior of male customers. It was also found that the effect of makeup on tipping behavior was mediated by the perception of the physical attractiveness of the waitress, but only when considering male customers.

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(NB In the earlier research there’s a difference in the number of women who tip (or don’t) for a waitress with makeup vs no makeup. The CrazyWaiter doesn’t have a explanation for that, he emailed the author already for that. Until then: wear make up and give the bill to the men on the table :))

3 thoughts to “How to get more tips… use makeup!”

  1. Wow… that shit is crazy…I kinda hate makeup too, or at least the way a lot of girls wear it. There’s a blond chick that works where I bartend and she really cakes it on. It sucks because she’s super cute!! It’s all good when it’s subtle, but it seems like a lot of girls aren’t goin for that these days. Hm… you gave me an idea for my next blog post!!

    P.S. I own Ratatouille and that movie IS the shit, saw your previous post about it. We’re drinkers/serious partiers, and the lady and I watched it again at 4am the other night. Classic.

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