How to get those lovely women in your section

Whether it concerns lovely ladies, a very famous person or well-tipping people, sometimes you see someone or a group entering the restaurant in the corner of your eyes and you think:’I want that table’. Normally you have to wait to see if you’re luckily to have it. But you’re the master of your destiny! Today I read a small trick to get them at your section. It only works with free seating of course, otherwise you have to take care that you’re good friends with the hostess 😉

It’s very, very easy. You take a towel, you clean an empty table (another time), you put up the salt, pepper and other items in line and walk away from the table in a lively way (when greeting the clients with a smile or making friendly eye contact)

At this way, it’s a natural reaction for the clients to take that table. Just what you wanted! Good luck!


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