Happy Crazy Waiters Wisdom

We are going to start a new religion for Happy Crazy Waiters. Not only for crazy waiters, everybody will be happy when living like us. Besides the love for our clients, we have the following “rules”:

  • Go for perfection. Even if you don’t succeed (to be expected) you’ll be far better than the others.
  • If it belongs to you it comes (back) to you, if it doesn’t it never did (or will). “It” can refer to persons, things or untouchables
  • What you’ll give is what you’ll get.
  • The best strength in life is to know, hide and/or compensate your weaknesses.
  • Know the difference between what you can change (more than you think, do it!) and what you can’t change (accept it).
  • Be aware and acknowledge that also you make errors and mistakes. Take full responsibility for it.
  • Time opens all the doors for those who can wait. When a door closes, another one will open. If you only look at the closed one(s) you won’t see the open door(s) Chances and changes will come. Problems disappear sometimes also with time. Pantha rei. Everything changes. Always and everywhere. So be it.
  • In every mess can and will grow a sunflower.
  • What is the gain if you loose yourself?

Doesn’t sound that complicated, doesn’t it? It’s a bit of NLP, bit of Eastern wisdom and a lot of compassion!

P.S. Before taking us too seriously: don’t! We don’t neither. But at least keep it in mind

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