Great miming in Paris… je t’aime

Paris Je t’aime is a film consisting of 18 little films each representing an arrondisement in Paris (two are left out).  This video, shot near the Eiffel tower (8th arrondisement,) is written and directed by French animator Sylvain Chomet. A boy tells how his parents, both mime artists (Paul Putner and Yolande Moreau), meet in prison and fall in love. It’s great inspiration for CrazyWaiters, I’ll use the gesture of the hand moving from the bottom of the face to the top to let appear a smile a lot 🙂

A little explanation of what is said (taken from the comments of the video)

In the beginning , she asks the boy what ‘s his name, he replies ” jean claude” and after , she tells him not to look at hi s parents but to look at the camera and asks him how his parents met each other and the boy says : in prison. And she says , tell me the story of your parents, and the boys answers : my dad was sad because every morning , he was lonely when he got up in his house.

In prison, the guy is shouting ” Let me out of here” and at the end, the boy says, ok, my story is finished

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