Falling out..

Everybody has and knows colleagues who are not that handy with plates, trays and themselves as you are. Once a fellow waiter dropped his tray fully loaded while walking from the beginning to the buffet till the end. We could throw away everything because everything was spoiled with shards. But even that wasn’t that dramatic as this poor girl 🙂

I don’t know if it’s real or not. I don’t hope so for her

2 thoughts to “Falling out..”

  1. I worked briefly as a waitress while in college and did not last! Besides being basically clumsy, I found dealing with the public to be stressful. After dropping a plate and biting my tongue to avoid a comeback to a very nasty customer, I decided waiting tables was not the job for me. I give waiters and waitresses credit for getting through the day in one piece and still having a sense of humor!

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