Etray Ergo

This week I saw in the public library of Arnhem (NL) a new serving tray to serve drinks, the Etray Ergo. It’s like a normalserving tray, with a anti-slip layer and the possibility to print publicity but… they cut out some space to make it easier to serve the drinks. It should be easier to move your wrist, and thus saving 37,5% of the force in that part of your body. To read more about this, see the original patentdescription. The idea is very good, but I didn’t test it myself, but I’ll try to test it in the near future!

EDIT: I’ve tested it and Ididn’t like it that much as I expected. It’s like running shoes: whether you have flexibility whether you have stability. Basic geometry says that a plane is made of three points and when carrying a tray it consists of your thumb, ringfinger and underarm. When using the etray ergo you there’s no third point anymore or it’s at the wrist or middlefinger (lowering the distance and so increasing the forces on your hand, I think it has to do someting with the moment). You’re loosing the stability and I didn’t get used to it at all.

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