Dream, design, deliver..

We want to be the best and to give the best to our clients. A way to do it is to use service design. You can talk and write a lot about it (the Wikipedia page will only be the beginning) but in fact it is very simple. You can also do it for your own job and tasks

  • Dream What do I want to give the client? Why? What are best practices possible, what do the guests really want. Use testimonials, films everything what is possible to take the maximum for the guest during the touchpoints or moments of interaction
  • Design How I’m going to do that? What do I need for it? Use brainstormsessions with guests, external consultants and ofcourse collegues and employees. Don’t do it linear but when you’re finished, go back to the start and think “how can i do it even better”
  • Deliver Do it! Minimize the gap between how it is and how it has to be. Because you did the process with your guests and employees they will be better involved and the new situation will be implemented more easily

I know that I might oversimplify it, but it’s a nice way to brainstorm about the things you’re doing!

(Via Molblog (dutch))

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