Dancing waiters at Bocuse d’Ore Gala

It must have been a fantastic show! Who said that waiters can’t dance??? 😀

Chorégraphie Dominique Hervieu, scénographie Tetroagency, dancers from Maison de la Dance

At the end of the Sirha (International hospitality trade fair) and closing the internation competition “Bocuse d’Ore”, the gala dinner was held at 28 january for 1500 guests at La Sucrière in Lyon (France) organised by GL events. To surprise everyone, a contemporary ballet in 4 acts was shown, danced by around thirty dancers and trampolinistes at the start of each course: chef’s dance (danse des chefs), horse waltz (valse des chevaux), cancan de la brigade and flight of the tastes (“envol des saveurs). (*)

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