CrazyWaiter Tips and Tricks! (part 1)

Hospitality can’t be learnt with some tips and tricks. But of course they exist! I’ll share mine!

  • When somebody cries:  give him or her without asking a glass of water. For the simple reason that when you drink you’re not able to cry. Besides it removes the helpless feeling of the other guests. A crying kid can be get silent with a lolly.
  • Take always good care for elderly and children. When they are happy everybody is happy
  • Where people shake hands (weddings, condolences) : place a jug of water (and glasses of course) and little (wet) towels to clean the hands..
  • Give artists always water and glasses. They appreciate it a lot
  • Walking with the guests to show the way to for example the toilet is very kind. You’re not working in the supermarket!
  • If you bring empty glasses (for e.g. beer) turn them upside down on your tray to exit the little bit of water in the glasses.
  • When people order mineral water, ask if they want ice in it or serve it separate. Never in the glasses (you don’t mix pure water with tap-water)
  • Reading a lot of reviews on the internet and magazines.
  • The etiquette dictates the rules, the situation the exceptions
  • Even saying the word welcome make the guest feeling at ease

(Foto by Swamibu / CC BY NC 2.0)

4 thoughts to “CrazyWaiter Tips and Tricks! (part 1)”

  1. The one about walking customers to the restroom (so as to avoid pointing; some people have a lot of embarassment about bathrooms in general) is one of the things the Ritz-Carlton chain requires of their employees.

    Every time I do it for one of my customers, they’re blown away. It’s surprising how helpless some people feel just walking a hundred feet or so around a place where they’ve never been and they feel they might get lost — worse because they have the “urge.”

    It’s a super-classy thing to do that takes just a moment, but earns tips and customer returns/loyalty, too.

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