Clear Ear

I’m working in a restaurant with a lot of kids and without any materials to damp the noise. That drove me literal crazy, sometimes I had to go backstage to calm down a bit because the noise worked on my nerves. There are a lot of variations of the CrazyWaiter and this is not the one the guests are waiting for. That’s why I decided to use earplugs. First I used other ones, but then I discovered the Clear EAR 20. It’s made by 3M, the big company which also makes the post-it-papers.

They filter very well while keeping the voice range almost intact (the more the noise, the better I understand the guests), they are very discrete (A friend asked me afterwards whether I had them really in my ears or not, while he knows that I use them) and very cheap (around 3 dollar/euro). I use them around 150 hours, then I change them because they become a bit unclear. Like every plug I recommend them to use them from the start, even if there’s not a lot of noise so your brain is adapting itself.

You can find them in several webshops, but if you’re Dutch Conrad has a good deal!

(Post not endorsed by 3M, Clear or Conrad). PS If somebody from 3M reads this: your site is freaking me out, luckily the earplugs are better than the usibility of your site where I can’t find the product (anymore) on the site

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