Catering Complete

I have worked a lot in the partycatering and banqueting. It’s 25% service, 15% food and 60% organization. For this, I found Catering Complete, a banquet manager’s handbook. The site gives the first paragraphes of each chapter. Very handy and informative, it has also some forms.

Some tips and secrets from the CrazyWaiter

  • One foodbuffet per 50 guests
  • One waiter for…
    • Barservice:  50 guests
    • Drinks to table: 35 guests
    • Food on buffet, drinks on table:  25 guests
    • Food and drinks on table: 15 guests
  • Use the CW Drinkcalculator for the drinks
  • Put the plates on the table in a systematic way in order of a snake. Start with the table most far away from the entrance and end with the table closest at the entrance. The reason for this is that the persons who have to wait the longest see activity. Have a person counting the persons at the tables and counting the plates in the waiters’ hands so he can direct the things smoothly. Ofcourse synchronized serving is best!
  • Leave enough space for the waiters with empty hands. Don’t let them cross or colide with the waiters with plates. (it seems logic, but often they forget this in order to sell as much as tables as possible. Serving the plates takes two times extra like this because every body has to wait for eachother)
  • Always have some sparefood for people with allergies, vegetarians etc.

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