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Eye contact

As a good waiter, you don’t just greet the table, you greet each person by making eye contact with them

via Waiting on celebrities « So You Want To Be A Waiter.

I tend to forget that when I’m in the weeds, but this is essential for making everybody comfortable. Just like talking to and making jokes with everybody and not only to those (kids) who talk (a lot) at a table. Also because you want to break the negative spiral (the waiter doesn’t talk to me -> You see, I’m not worth it / my sister is more interesting -> I don’t talk to the waiter ) because you won’t the only one who tends to talk to the cute little sister instead of the big timid boy.

Thanks SYWTBAW for the reminder! (even thought the subject of his original posts is totally different… about celebs I will post later ;))

Foto by OrangeAcid used under CC2.0

How to save precious time..

Vasil is giving some very useful tips on how to work efficient without giving the guest the feeling that you are in a rush!

How to  save precious time at the table? How to spread out your attention equally so nobody gets left out besides assholes who deserve it? I found the following script or canned presentation” extremely useful when you physically and mentally cannot spend sufficient amount of time at the table.

1. If you cannot get to table right away, simply pass by, smile – eye contact- and say “I will be right with you”.

Read more at GreyGooseblog!

So you want to be…

Pride in your restaurant …can help you in your interactions with your guests.


Even if you work in a fairly generic restaurant like Chili’s or Applebee’s, surely there’s something in the history of the organization that can be pointed to to distinguish it from every other restaurant in world; sometimes it can even distinguish it from others in the chain.


There’s always a hook somewhere – whether it’s community involvement, the artwork on the wall, the piano that’s 60 years old that was played by Van Cliburn during a visit in the 60s, the menu item that’s been on the menu for 20 years; the list is endless. Every restaurant has something that distinguishes it from every other restaurant. Sometimes it’s sitting right in front of your face. (read whole story)

Today I’ve got a really nice plug from So You Want To Be A Waiter. SYWTBAW is calling my weblog ‘very nice’, but this weblog is at least as amusing as mine, so take a look! Thanks for the compliments and of course for the plug!
(Foto by Sarah0S, CC by-nc-nd 2.0)


Everybody who knows me and I think even those who read this blog regularly know that I love, and really love serving my little guests (read: children) They always amaze me and make me feel that I have a nice job. But this quote can’t be more true!

Any parent who allows their child to demand a different colored straw should not be a parent. You suck. Point blank. Your child does not need a blue or yellow straw to cope. Green will be just fine. Or Orange. They all work the same. Stop teaching Junior to expect everything he wants in life. He’s only going to be let down sooner than later.

Found at I hate serving your children. Unfortunately the writer doesn’t maintain her blog, but the two stories she has written are very amusing!

And yes, I’ve got to admit that whatever my thoughts about it are, I’m one of the crazy waiters that does whatever it takes to find the right colour of straw and make the little guest happy…

(Foto by EJP Foto, CC BY NC SA 2.0)

Answering and Waiting In Vegas

Since I have an Asian face, have a Dutch nationality and work in France there are a lot of guests who want to know how that’s possible. Most of the times I answer but sometimes the guest wants to know more. In that case I’m grateful that I work at the place where I work, because there’s magic everywhere. Of course I’m not the only waiter who has to answer a lot of questions…

Let me start by saying that anyone who knows me knows that I never introduce myself to tables. I think most people don’t give a fuck what my name is and when they do want to know they can take the initiative and ask or simply read my name tag. The truth is that when people do know your name, they only use it to aggravate you by repeating it every single time they see you. Others only want to know your name so they can impatiently scream it from across the room instead of simply making eye contact like a normal human being would do. With that said, I should also let you know that when I dine out I don’t give a fuck what my server’s name is either. Not because I don’t care about them as a person but simply because I’m not dining out to make new friends – I have plenty.

Read the rest of this story and a lot of other nice stories at the blog of Waiting In Vegas.

(Foto: Eiffel Tower Restaurant Las Vegas by Motel George, CC NC-ND, the restaurant on the photo and Waiting in Vegas are not linked, for as far I know )