How to get more tips… use makeup!

We knew it already but now it’s researched another time: waitresses with makeup have more tip than those without makeup.

In this study the effect of cosmetics on tipping behavior and the link between behavior and judgment on the physical attractiveness of waitresses wearing or not wearing cosmetics were tested. A female waitress with or without makeup was instructed to act in her usual way with her patrons. Results showed that the makeup condition was associated with a significant increase in the tipping behavior of male customers. It was also found that the effect of makeup on tipping behavior was mediated by the perception of the physical attractiveness of the waitress, but only when considering male customers.

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(NB In the earlier research there’s a difference in the number of women who tip (or don’t) for a waitress with makeup vs no makeup. The CrazyWaiter doesn’t have a explanation for that, he emailed the author already for that. Until then: wear make up and give the bill to the men on the table :))

Blondes do it better !

I don’t know if the title is really true, but apparently they get better tips. Today I talked with collegue E. about the fact that blond girls earn more tips than brunettes and boys, and that it was researched. This year it was researched by a student, Melissa Galm, a 27-year-old finance student at Holy Family University:

Throughout March, they reported their tips from each shift. The two blondes consistently earned more than their darker-haired coworkers. Then on April 1, they all were asked to switch their hair color – blondes going dark, brunettes and redheads going blond – and continue to report their daily take.

One of the blondes was removed from the study because she did not report all her tips and was always dying her hair a different color, Galm said.

Eight of the other compliant nine, however, began experiencing hair bias within a week. All the newly blond waitresses received higher tips, averaging a 5 percent increase. The one blonde who turned brunette, however, saw no noticeable drop in earnings.

Read more at Golden locks: Waitresses’ tips rose when hair changed from brunet to blond.

Also a more scientific research by tipguru Michael Lynn showed this relation:

Moreover, the waitresses’ tips varied with age in a negative, quadratic relationship, increased with breast size, increased with having blond hair, and decreased with body size.

So now you wait what to do… dye your hair or be happy with your blond locks!

Upselling with the Sullivan nod

The Sullivan nod is a theoretical sales technique used to create a subconscious suggestion to a customer to purchase one particular item out of a list of like items. It is used most frequently by bartenders and waiters when reciting lists of items (such as alcohol or wine) in the hopes of getting the customer to select a particular brand. A Sullivan nod is executed by nodding slightly, by approximately 10–15 degrees, when the item it is hoped the customer will choose is reached. The key is to make the nod perceptible, yet subtle, so as to not distract. Originator, restaurant consultant, Jim Sullivan, claims that it works up to 60% of the time.

Sullivan developed the nod technique as a method to increase appetizer sales.

Source: Sullivan nod – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, reused under Creative Commons:CC-BY-SA

Tipped off

Great article about tipping in the United States

Glen doesn’t view serving as a job, he views it as a profession. He’s nearly 60, and he’s been waiting tables most his life.

Like Glen, a lot of Las Vegans make the bulk of their income from tips. And when these food servers, cocktail waitresses, bottle attendants, bartenders, dealers, bellmen, cab drivers, casino go-go dancers and strippers get together, they discuss tips the way the rest of us discuss the weather. But, as Glen pointed out, they’re not allowed to talk about tips with the rest of us, so we never hear these conversations.

Until now.

read more at Las Vegas Weekly : – Tipped off. Thanks HC for the tip!

Make up yourself… for more tips

We waiters knew it already, but know it has been proved scientifically: waitress with makeup receive more tips and the amount is higher, but only from male clients. They have done the research with 247 guests (186 males and 98 females). They have been served by two waitresses. One day they used make up and another day they didn’t . Follow the link to read the exact method and results. The percentage of customers who gave tips increases when the waitress had makeup. (by the male as female guests, but only the increase by male clients seems to be significant. I have to check it out with some people more clever than this crazy waiter…) Also the amount increases (given by male guests). Read the whole research here.

So we conclude in the words of the researchers:

These results have some practical implication for females employees in bar or restaurant. They confirm the effect of servers’ physical attractiveness on the amount of tips earned especially for waitresses. It would be interesting for women’s restaurant employees to use facial makeup to enhance their physical attractiveness and then, in return, to enhance their incomes especially in bars or restaurant where men used to go.

So ladies: now you know what you have to do girls tomorrow!