Can I have a jug of water? NO!

Now I’m going to share you my frustration of the day: guests who are eating in your restaurant and when you’re ready to take the drink orders (all the food is on a buffet in ‘my’ restaurant) the *only* thing they are asking is a jug of tapwater. No wine, no sodas, not a bottle of water but only a jug of tapwater. Aarrghh!!! I hate this phrase! Sometimes I feel my eyes rolling and my chest moving of stress and in my mind are always some horrible scenarios uprising I’ll never do with the water but really want to do. (Use your fantasy ;)) Sometimes it has to be visible to the clients but it’s just a reflex, can do nothing about it.

My micros and later the bill shows CARAF D’EAU EUR 0.00 and that hurts because I have to polish the glasses, I have to walk to the bar and back, I have to smile and I have to pour the water in the glasses.. all for nothing! I know, they pay a lot for the food, tapwater is better for the environment and the water quality is average to good (I’m used to Dutch water which is far better than in the place where I live and work, especially in summertime) but it still drives me nuts working for nothing. (read: earning nothing for the boss – yes, I do care about his earnings)

Maybe I shouldn’t put ice in it (the cold masks the bad taste) or ask the clients “you’re really sure you want to take this?” with a face like they are going to be very sick. But I’m afraid it won’t help and hey, it’s just my job. I have to deal with it, frustration or not. And tomorrow it will be:”Can I have a jug of water”? “Yes, of course sir”. But you’ll know better 🙂

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  1. I was a waitress for a month during the Summer Time. It was a pub with a restaurant upstairs. We were told to put water on every table as it was so hot, some even asked for free flavouring (cordial). I so feel your pain about this its so annoying. Ive never requested water in a restaurant.

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