Broken illusions

After almost 20 years of hard work in the restaurant business, I have the illusion that I understand mankind a little bit more. But that illusion can be thrown away when I think of some guests in the past…

  • People who pay 50 euro for only some shrimps, potato smileys or spaghetti. Or asking for only an omelet. Vive the kitchen food mark up
  • People who drink coke when eating the most luxury meals.
  • People who get impatient when you can’t take their order when there are four tables entering in your station.
  • People  who are acting in a very arrogant, unpleasant way and take you for the biggest dumb-ass in the world when they don’t understand your way of speaking their language (with an accent, I admit). Pfff, learn six languages yourself !
  • The lady who was very pissed when I asked for her vouchers before eating when she was there with her guests. (“you think that I’m a thief?”). Standard procedure lady…
  • The man who was threatening me in a way that my colleagues called almost the security. What did I wrong? I was very unpolite to his son. I asked his son to wait a second for his coke because I was serving his mother. Ladies and older poeple first, isn’t it?

But don’t worry, all my other guests are very cute, beautiful, friendly and comprehensive. But sometimes….

(Foto:  Waiter – B1 by h.koppdelaney / CC BY-ND 2.0)

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