Blondes do it better !

I don’t know if the title is really true, but apparently they get better tips. Today I talked with collegue E. about the fact that blond girls earn more tips than brunettes and boys, and that it was researched. This year it was researched by a student, Melissa Galm, a 27-year-old finance student at Holy Family University:

Throughout March, they reported their tips from each shift. The two blondes consistently earned more than their darker-haired coworkers. Then on April 1, they all were asked to switch their hair color – blondes going dark, brunettes and redheads going blond – and continue to report their daily take.

One of the blondes was removed from the study because she did not report all her tips and was always dying her hair a different color, Galm said.

Eight of the other compliant nine, however, began experiencing hair bias within a week. All the newly blond waitresses received higher tips, averaging a 5 percent increase. The one blonde who turned brunette, however, saw no noticeable drop in earnings.

Read more at Golden locks: Waitresses’ tips rose when hair changed from brunet to blond.

Also a more scientific research by tipguru Michael Lynn showed this relation:

Moreover, the waitresses’ tips varied with age in a negative, quadratic relationship, increased with breast size, increased with having blond hair, and decreased with body size.

So now you wait what to do… dye your hair or be happy with your blond locks!

One thought to “Blondes do it better !”

  1. I can beleive this and at the same time I am appalled that this is true. I am a bruneete server and I definitley do not make as much as my blond counterparts. It is upsetting to know that even though I can and will bend over backwards for my guests, my hair color might have more affect on how much they leave on the credit card slip. Since I am not willing to dye my hair blonde, I guess I will have to settle with providing good service.

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